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Image copyright Getty Images The UK government says that all public sector workers should be paid at least the national living wage by the end of next year, but can continue to be paid less. The minimum wage for the UK's 2.34m public sector workers will rise to £7.20 per hour by April, the government says. It comes a day after chancellor George Osborne announced plans to double the personal allowance for people to £12,500. Labour said the move was an "attack" on the low pay of public sector workers. It said the National Living Wage was a "lifeline" for thousands of families on lower incomes. The government is also to introduce a cap on welfare cuts for the richest households in England and Wales, and a series of measures to ensure workers get at least one more day off a week. 'Incredibly important' A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said the government wanted to ensure workers in the public sector, who are among the lowest paid in the UK, "share in the benefits of economic growth". "The National Living Wage is a fundamental step in transforming the lives of millions of working families, many of whom are living below the poverty line," he added. A Cabinet Office spokesman said the minimum wage should rise by £2.60 per hour in April and the increase in the public sector's wage should bring it up to at least £7.20 per hour by the end of the year. By 2021, the government said that the minimum wage in the private sector would rise to £8.21 per hour. The increase is meant to be in line with the rise in the living wage - which is defined as "sufficient" to meet basic living costs - which is currently £8.30 per hour. Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick, who represents Poplar and Limehouse in Tower Hamlets, said the increase was an "incredibly important step towards tackling low pay and making sure the lowest paid workers share in the benefits of economic growth". But he added that the increase in the living wage was "further evidence of the chancellor's personalisation agenda and an attack on low pay among public sector workers". The National Living Wage was introduced in April, after being trialled in Northern Ireland and by a number of London councils. It will now be payable to all workers aged 25 and over, and will be automatically

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Crack ((LINK)) Do Polskiej Wersji Prince Of Persia Dwa Trony Chomikuj

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