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Oct 29 - WeBinaRt "Work in Hand"

with Bettina DRUMMOND

Saturday October 29 at 8:00 pm (CET Paris)

🇫🇷 Online Masterclass 🇬🇧

in French with simultaneous translation in English

Extract of Work in Hand I P4

In 2001, Bettina DRUMMOND produced a box set of 2 VHS "Work in Hand" to discover the fundamental training techniques of the classic work in hand that she uses. To communicate with horse on the ground

and improve horse's response to aids before mounting.

What a wonderful initiative!

Americans sensitive to Latin riding loved it

We understand why !

When Bettina suggested that I post them on LYNK-YOU,
I discovered a very high level teaching because very precise,
and so accessible because very precise !

I digitized them, remastered them, and had them translated into French to make it easier for French speakers to understand (many of you thanked me!).
I uploaded them to LYNK-YOU in several episodes for easy watching.
So that this precious teaching is passed on to as many people as possible.

Valerie CHARRIEAU-KHALILI, Director and Producer

More than 20 years later, Bettina DRUMMOND brings her precious experience, her equestrian sensitivity and answers your questions during this online masterclass.

Exceptional event 👉 LYNK-YOU's Exceptional offer ! ​

So that this WeBinaRt is the most beneficial FOR YOU.

To allow you an optimal transmission of Bettina DRUMMOND's knowledge, watch episodes of "Work in Hand I and II" (11 episodes)

BEFORE and AFTER the WeBinaRt.


This is why I offer participation in the WeBinaRt of October 29, 2022

to all one-year LYNK-YOU subscribers.

You have until midnight Thursday October 27 (CET Paris) to subscribe.

Choose LYNK-YOU 1an/1yr formula.

Obviously, you can choose to participate in WeBinaRt without subscribing for 1 year.
As usual, registration for WeBinaRt gives access to WeBinaRt live
as well as replay for 1 month.
Many WeBinaRts videos with Bettina DRUMMOND are available on LYNK-YOU.
To learn more about all these WeBinaRts, it's here👇

To not miss any information on 3V PROD / LYNK-YOU's events


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