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Dernière mise à jour : 28 oct. 2022

END of the Exceptional offer : Tonight 12:00 pm (Paris)

Extract of Work in Hand II P1

📆 EXCEPTIONAL EVENT : OCTOBER 29 at 8:00 pm (Paris)
New WeBinaRt/Masterclass about "Work in Hand" with Bettina DRUMMOND*, in French with English simultaneous translation. The opportunity to ask questions directly to Bettina DRUMMOND.
* American Rider trained by Master Nuno OLIVEIRA and "Ecuyer d'Honneur" of the Cadre Noir de Saumur

1 "LYNK-YOU 1an/1yr" subscription = 1 VIP place for Work in Hand WeBinaRt of Bettina DRUMMOND on October 29 2022 8:00 pm (CET Paris) on request.
Subscribe until Thursday OCTOBER 27 2022 midnight (CET Paris).

WHY such an offer ?
To bring you the BEST experience FOR YOU with this WeBinaRt,
to allow you an optimal transmission of Bettina DRUMMOND's knowledge, and let you watch episodes of "Work in Hand I and II" (11 episodes)
BEFORE and AFTER the WeBinaRt.
Obviously, you can choose to participate in WeBinaRt without subscribing for 1 year.
As usual, registration for WeBinaRt gives access to WeBinaRt live
as well as replay for 1 month.
Many WeBinaRts videos with Bettina DRUMMOND are available on LYNK-YOU.
To learn more about all these WeBinaRts, it's here👇

To not miss any information on 3V PROD / LYNK-YOU's events


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