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FOCUS on... Bernard SACHSE

Bernard SACHSE was educated with classical concepts of riding in the famous School of Haras du Pin (France). He became an equestrian stuntman for many famous French films ("La Reine Margot", "Germinal"...) and major shows such as the one for the 1789 French Revolution Anniversary directed by the choreographer Maurice Bejart.
In 1994 an accident after a stunt left him paraplegic. He wasn't supposed to ride anymore... but he did and got a bronze medal at The Atlanta Olympics !
After becoming an equestrian technical advisor for several films he developped his philosophy that he began to form before his accident : The Breath of Riding (Le Souffle de l'Équitation®) which is based on breathing techniques (meditation, yoga) and Classic Riding of Grand Masters. This philosophy helps to connect with the horse and with oneself.

He is also a musician and used to be a musical stage manager for different equestrian shows.
He went to Connecticut invited by Bettina DRUMMOND to train riders with his philosophy. They improvised a ballet... IMPROV DUET.

He made 3 WeBinaRts in French that are available on LYNK-YOU.
In the first and the second WeBinaRts he tells his extraordinary life journey. In the third one he explains first concepts of The Breath of Riding.

The translation in English of the third WeBinaRt about the practice of "The Breath of Riding" (Le Souffle de l'Équitation®) of Bernard SACHSE is on going.
4 (on 6) episodes are available.

A wonderful philosophy to try in order to connect yourself to your horse and yourself.

The content of LYNK-YOU is available by subscription.

Your subscription is also a commitment to the defense of the values ​​of beautiful riding,

respectful of the horse.


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