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Dernière mise à jour : 28 janv. 2022

CHANEL kicked off its Spring-Summer haute-couture collection with a tribute to the equestrian art that Coco CHANEL loved: an equestrian stroll by Charlotte Casighari (daughter of Caroline of Monaco) on the show set, with Mario Luraschi's horse Kusko. A very nice way to put the horse in the spotlight.
A performance that echoes an exceptional and spectacular performance by Bettina Drummond with her stallion Que Macho, in a small space set up in STREB's New York studio, the artist couple moving between tables of dumbfounded guests to the sound of music "Hurricane" by Grace Jones! Shock. Performance performed on the occasion of the award ceremony for the Action Maverick Award* awarded that year to Bettina Drummond in New York.

* The Action Maverick Award is given to an original person, a person who goes beyond and breaks the rules, who reinterprets or changes the paradigm of his art, who has new artistic, educational or scientific visions.

And the question then naturally arises: does a performance say a lot about mastery? (une performance en dit-elle long sur la maîtrise ?)

Admittedly, some equestrian demonstrations show astonishing, breathtaking figures... and when you look more closely at the horse's eye - as Master Nuno OLIVEIRA advised - you quickly realize that he does not take pleasure in them. But if we witnessed this, could we talk about performance? I do not believe. Equestrian performance is achieved with total mutual trust between horse and rider, trust that can only be acquired with true respect as advocated by French Traditional Horsemanship recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Unesco. With a mutual desire for adrenaline in controlled risk-taking. Bettina Drummond, trained by Master Nuno OLIVEIRA, is a worthy representative of this equestrian philosophical current.

She demonstrated during the WeBinaRts-Masterclasses (available on how she became who she is today, step by step, with a career initiated from childhood and a real PASSION for horses and their well-being. This is how she became Honnor Ecuyer by "Cadre Noir" of Saumur.

So when we actually see her journey, discover the lessons she learned from Master Nuno OLIVEIRA (yes, she shares those memories with us), see her commenting on student videos and finally we discover his artistic performances with other artists (musicians, painters, sculptors, dancers), so YES we can think that these performances reflect a real mastery.

Form your own opinion on , a streaming platform available by subscription.

A minute to whet your appetite for this performance 😲

That evening in 2012 in New York, she and her horse Que Macho performed for the first time on unusual and risky terrain, in a narrow space between tables, the horse's tail having grazed the guests...


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