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I have long believed that the Masters of Equestrian Art, as in other artistic or sporting disciplines, have a lot to transmit to us. Obviously by giving us to see and hear techniques finely developed from their experience and the techniques of the Masters who preceded them. But even more so when we look at their personality, their journey, their struggles and other life accidents, their weaknesses too, or their ability to question themselves as human beings. They then transmit a philosophy of life, an awareness of the moment, an ability to respect the Other (Human or Horse). Everyone can then draw inspiration from it to progress on their own path by developing sensitivity, a taste for effort, the ability to put things into perspective, to listen to others. I sincerely believe that this is a great way to move forward step by step towards a certain wisdom, necessary in the turbulent times we are living through. This is what LYNK-YOU allows. This is its raison d'être. Watch, listen! The MASTERS : AN ENIGMA web-series, the WeBinaRts or even the PODCASTS "The Fundamentals" or the "Anecdotes" allow you to feed on all this: lessons, discovery of life, anecdotes. As a breadcrumb trail, Master Nuno OLIVEIRA's life.
Valérie CHARRIEAU-KHALILI, Director, Producer and Content Editor.

Nuno OLIVEIRA et Levante (Arabo-Lusitanien, 5 ans) - Avessada, 1974


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