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for lovers of equestrian art & other arts

What is the LYNK-YOU's universe ?

There was a time when art enthusiasts took several weeks off to go,

sometimes at the end of a long journey,

meet the Masters, in their workshop or their arena,

to establish a real bond with these experts who aroused admiration.

To be inspired by the mastery of their art, their experience.

LYNK-YOU immerses you in this universe

and allows you to feel this atmosphere.

Subscribe to LYNK-YOU, allows you to participate in this quest for knowledge,

to put yourself in the shoes of Master's students,

in a spirit of "companionship".

Thanks to new technologies

you have access to high-level teachers,

filmed in France, Portugal, Belgium or the United States.

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Discover the LYNK-YOU's universe

Become "a fellow" and watch

 Master-classes - WeBinaRts

the MASTERS : AN ENIGMA web-series & Bonus

(with the Master Nuno Oliveira)

and much more with unlimited access.

By subscribing you support this process

and thus participate in the continuity of this quest.


New content coming soon from shoots already made.

Portal reserved for subscribed and connected site members (with e-mail and password)

Wherever you are.

Watch the Masterclasses and films with unlimited access on your Smart TV, computer, tablet, smartphone.


Slike A. S.




This is an outstanding documentary of The greatest Classical Equestrian Maestro we have had the honour and privilege of watching. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this Historical and Beautiful Tribute to a Grand and Gracious Equestrian Maestro !!!

Femme senior heureuse

Valérie F.

Thank you again for all the initiatives with your WeBinaRts. It is so rare for us riders to have access to people with such an experience who are completely willing to share with us. It's very appreciated. (translated from french)

Femme blonde souriante

Eugénie O.

MERCI pour ces beaux WeBinaRts. Je n'en ai vu qu'un seul pour l'instant, mais ce ne sera pas le dernier. Bravo pour ce projet et j'espère que l'aventure continuera .

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