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The first 2 episodes of the web series were self-financed & produced then broadcast on Youtube during the first confinement of 2020, to participate in our way in the general effort to support this particular period. It was a great joy to see the pleasure it brought to those who discovered it. I regularly receive messages of encouragement to continue and I take this page to thank everyone again. 


To continue this web series, 3V PROD needs funding. Many of you have proposed to launch crowdfunding. This page is therefore created for that.

Valérie Charrieau-Khalili

Author, Director & Productor

More than 36.000 vues for 2 episodes !

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The goal

Creating this web series is a true journey, an initiatory path that we offer you by going to meet inspiring persons to find the keys to raising our level of personal and collective consciousness, with Master Nuno OLIVEIRA as a common thread...


What are donations for ?

1. Make the movie * for episode 3

2. Make the movie*  for episode 4

3. Contreparties

4. Communication

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* Editing of the film includes the translation into English (subtitling and / or dubbing in the studio)

Episodes 1 & 2 were entirely self-produced and self-funded by 3V PROD. We will do everything is able to continue the episodes of THE ENIGMA of the MASTERS but with your help we will be able to produce in better conditions, continuously, and devote ourselves to this web series which is close to our hearts. ❤️


Here are the levels that we would like to reach thanks to you :

With 6 000 € we finance the production of episode 3 already shot, the rewards and communication

With 12 000 € we add the making of episode 4 already shot, the rewards and communication

Counterparties represent 15% of the amount of donations because we want to reward you with gifts that are in the spirit of this series: the transmission of the arts 😍



The WeBinaRts were launched to allow artists to continue transmitting and also to partially finance MASTERS : AN ENIGMA. It is therefore natural to inter-link both 😉

🎫 1️⃣ For 10€ and more : Your name is written on the official website !

🎫 2️⃣ For 20€ and more : Counterparty of 🎫 1️⃣  + Access to exclusive backstage info ! We send you information as and when the shootings and exclusive achievements are made before everyone else.


🎫 3️⃣ For 30€ and more :  Counterparty of 🎫 2️⃣ + Your name scrolls through the credits at the end of an episode!

🎫 4️⃣ For 40€ and more : Counterparty of 🎫 3️⃣ + We offer you access to a WeBinaRt with unlimited access for 30 days!

🎫 5️⃣ For 70€ and more : Counterparty of 🎫 4️⃣ + We offer you another access to a WeBinaRt with unlimited access for 30 days!

🎫 6️⃣ For 100€ and more : Counterparty of 🎫 5️⃣ + You also have access to exclusive bonuses (unedited although exciting rushes, podcasts ...) ✨

🎫 7️⃣ For 150€ and more : Counterparty of 🎫 6️⃣ + the DVD "Danse avec le Cadre noir"

🎫 8️⃣ For 500€ and more : Counterparty of 🎫 7️⃣ + Your name appears at the end of an episode as a privileged contributor (subject to acceptance by 3V PROD) ! ✨

🎫 9️⃣ For 1 000€ and more : Counterparty of 🎫 8️⃣ but it's even stronger ! ✨An episode starts with "Your Name or Name of the company or association and 3V PROD present" (subject to acceptance by 3V PROD). ✨

You can also contribute without counterparty (choice).



Contribution à partir de 10€ / from 10 €

Merci de contribuer à L'ÉNIGME des MAÎTRES !

Thanks for your contribution for MASTERS : AN ENIGMA !

Contributions sent by this form are made by credit card or Paypal.

If you wish to make a transfer, please contact us by email: valck@3vprod.com